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The Most Effective Way To Learn A Language

  • MoonDyn 

I just can’t impress my emotion that I am really pleased now that I finally found the most effective way to learn a new language with a certain website. Sorry for my emotion, now I’ll explain what I mean.

The Most Effective Way To Learn a Language is “Practice”

While researching ways to learn a second language easily and fast, I found that all methods are just general standards… and that’s all. It is a complete waste of time for me to focus on grammar, vocabulary, and worksheets only. (It’s my opinion)

The majority of people are too lazy and busy to learn new words, using worksheets for hours, which are boring exercises, aren’t they? Furthermore, I’ve always wanted someone who would teach me a foreign language only through conversation alone. After all the struggle, I found that learning a language by practice alone is the most effective way to learn it. Do you agree with me? How does a child learn his native language?

How do foreigners speak a local country’s language so easily? Do you think they have learned a new language and then came to a foreign country? Not at all. (Except for some of them). The majority of people come to a foreign country in order to work without knowing their language. They came first and then learned without spending any money or less by practice only. How cool it is. Of course, if you want to work or study in the academic area you probably need to learn grammar, but along with conversation all the same.

Best Websites to Learn a Language

Okay! No More Words. Here is a Reason Why I’m So Happy…

I found a platform that allows me and my children to learn a new language by practicing only with a one-to-one teacher. How amazing it is. And the most pleasant part is, the teacher doesn’t know my native language, so he can’t explain to me something in my own language. So it means I can speak to him only in a new language with difficulties, but it allows me to learn fast in the end.

Oops, I forgot to tell you which platform it is. Yes! Of course, it’s Italki. Maybe many of you already know about this platform as it has 15 years of experience on the internet as I discovered.

6 Best Foreign Language Learning App

Okay, I don’t want to keep you more here, just click the link below to see my lovely platform. There are some bonuses for new students that you can take advantage of it.

P.S. Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English also is not my native language)



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