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1-on-1 lessons in more than 150 languages. Find teachers from all over the world. Practice for free with the italki community.

Hello Talk

Learn a language for free by chatting with native speakers around the world!


Learn to speak confidently with the best, native online tutors, in classes or individually.


Build English proficiency and confidence through real conversations with friendly tutors from the US, UK, Australia, and more. All you need is your device!


Practice any language by actually chatting with real people.


 Our goal is to help you Learn English speaking so you can speak English fluently.
Improve your spoken English Free!


The best website for practicing English speaking, easy to find a conversation partner, join groups, improve your English speaking skills and make friends.


More than 500 English conversations on 26 topics, with audio, are free for all English learners to study and practice English speaking. Available for kids as well.


 Here, you’ll find a great variety of materials to help you as you study English, including lessons and videos on many aspects of the English language.