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British Council Kids

Learn English Kids is brought to you by the British Council, the world’s English teaching experts. We have lots of free online games, songs, stories, and activities for children.


Learn English with fun. A lot of interesting lessons, fun games, worksheets, tutorials, and much more…

EnglishClub Kids

Activities and lessons for young learners of English. Includes reading for kids, fun with the alphabet, learning about colors, and more.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. provides educational and entertaining programming to encourage preschoolers to learn, play and have fun for 3-5 years old.


Watch interesting shows and find lots of interactive games to play on Cbeebies to learn English.


ESLgamesplus has lots of interactive games to help your children practice vocabulary and grammar. They can practice body parts in the crocodile board game, conjugate the present simple with sentence monkey or play a memory game to revise vocabulary.


ABC Ya is a fantastic website to help children learn a variety of subjects, but many games specifically focus on learning English.


Abracadabra is a free, easy-to-navigate website that is designed for younger children. The site focuses on lessons such as spelling a sentence and reading while including stories that children may already know.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop allows children to learn about authors and books, grammar, study and reading skills, writing, or just watch free movies. Children in the 4th grade and up can use Brain Pop classic to learn English.