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AlibBee Kids

AlifBee Kids is the fastest and easiest way to teach children Arabic from home or at school.

Arabic Kids

With Smart Pages each page contains extra educational materials and exercises. Over 100 audio tracks for each book, so the kid can listen to correct pronunciation of the letters and the words.

Studio Arabiya

Arabic for Kids Full Track course encompasses all aspects of the Arabic Language while keeping the learning fun and exciting for children to learn Arabic. In this course, they will learn to write, read, and understand the Arabic Language.


KALIMA is an Arabic online learning platform for kids created from a passion of teaching Arabic in a fun and interactive way.

Little Pim

No prior language knowledge needed. Each episode is about 5 minutes – you can watch one or two with your child and then set them on their way to listen and learn on their own. We’d love for Little Pim to take your child on a journey that will last a lifetime!


With interactive lessons, engaging vocabulary reviews and delightful games, learning a new language has never been this fun! Available now in 30 different languages in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.


Arabic courses help kids (6 to 12 years old) learn Arabic via reading kids Arabic stories and discussing topics. We develop a customized Arabic study plan for kids and the Arabic lessons are based on each child’s learning style and pace. 


The #1 Arabic learning app and website for kids. Children love learning Arabic online thru videos, games, songs, worksheets, and more.

Hidayah Network

With our Online Arabic Course, Your Child will be able to understand Arabic without any need to translate it into English or other native languages.